Program - 2017 UPCEA Annual Conference

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

10:30 AM-11:30 AM
2016-17 and 2017-18 Executive Committees of the UPCEA Board of Directors Meet


12:30 PM-3:45 PM
2016-17 and 2017-18 UPCEA Board of Directors Meet

Location: Mayfair

4:15 PM-5:00 PM
2017 and 2018 Annual Conference Advisory Committees Meet

Location: Illinois Boardroom

6:00 PM-7:30 PM
UPCEA Volunteer Leadership and Institutional Representative Reception (By Invitation)

Sponsored by MindMax

Location: Chicago Promenade

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Network and Regional Leadership Meetings

11:15 AM-12:00 PM
Newcomer’s Welcome and “Conference Buddy” Introductions

11:30 AM-12:45 PM
UPCEA Past Presidents’ Lunch

12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Welcome Lunch and Opening General Session: From Corrective Action to Competitive Advantage: How Diversity is Reshaping Our World

1:45 PM-2:45 PM              Concurrent Session I


Program Key

International Student Support Center: a Holistic Model for International Student Support Success
Location: Ohio

The International Student Support Center serves the international community within the NYU School of Professional Studies. We provide academic and social support to facilitate student success and adjustment to life in New York City. Offerings include academic enhancement workshops, one-on-one English language tutoring, cultural conversations, social events, community outings, a student club and more. 

  • Anna Condoulis, New York University
  • Elizabeth Izaki, New York University
  • Moderator: Mary Angela Baker, Salisbury University

Institutional Representatives Forum: Opening Session
Location: Superior AB

The 2017 UPCEA Institutional Representatives Forum, hosted at the 2017 Annual Conference, provides an opportunity for senior leaders in professional, continuing, and online education (PCO) to connect with peers, discuss together the changing landscape of higher education, and consider ways in which to craft their own strategies and leadership pathways. This two-part series will begin with this all-Institutional Representative (IR) forum, addressing the most pressing challenges in higher education today such as organizational structure, strategic planning, authentic leadership, and entrepreneurial approaches. Following this opening plenary session, IRs are invited to select one of three, facilitated breakout sessions repeated throughout the conference to allow small groups of senior leaders to dive deeply into the opening panel discussion topics.

  • Sandi Pershing, University of Utah
  • Bea González, Syracuse University
  • Wayne Smutz, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Moderator: Bob Hansen, UPCEA


When To Fire Your Cannon and Other Practical Leadership Lessons for Adult Education
Location: Missouri

Tag: Emerging Leaders

Lessons from leadership literature can drive success in management, organizational systems, and business success in adult education. Join our diverse panel as they discuss concepts that have shaped their leadership practices and share case studies on applying those ideas in adult education.

  • Tracey Taylor-O'Reilly, York University
  • Sarah MacDonald, James Madison University
  • Jon Horn, JMH Consulting
  • Moderator: Michael Huffman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Content Marketing – Promote Your Stories Better Faster Cheaper
Location: Mayfair

In this session, you’ll hear about Brown’s School of Professional Studies content marketing journey – how we fired up our marketing efforts with storytelling.  You’ll learn how to multi-purpose stories from other departments, create editorial calendars, and fold PR and traditional marketing efforts into an integrated, comprehensive content marketing strategy.

  • Jo Lee, Brown University
  • Moderator: Lesley Nichols, Emerson College

Expanding Access and Meeting Community Needs: Partnerships, Pipelines, and Pathways
Location: Michigan A

This session highlights unique institutional and community partnerships that have resulted in state-of-the art, industry-based curriculum and strengthened equity and access to educational and economic opportunities for underrepresented and low-income students. Presenters will discuss promoting student success via mentoring, industry, campus, and community partnerships, and peer networks, as well as successes and challenges.

  • Birgit Green, Texas Tech University
  • Nicole Batt, University of Utah
  • Rachel Everitt, University of Utah
  • Moderator: Nicole Gislason, University of West Florida

Creating Comprehensive Professional Development for a Large Instructional Design Team
Location: Ontario

This session will cover FIU Online's efforts toward planning and implementing the Instructional Design Core Curriculum (IDCC), a comprehensive professional development initiative for its instructional design team. We will also present the results of a research study into the perceptions and effectiveness of the IDCC program.

  • Matthew Acevedo, Florida International University
  • Jessica Rodriguez, Florida International University
  • Gus Roque, Florida International University
  • Moderator: Sarah Dysart, Loyola University Chicago

First Point of Student Engagement: Orientation
Location: Mississippi

This presentation is about how a large university set out to actively engage online and transfer students using orientation delivered on an adaptive technological platform. The presentation will outline the design and technology used, the importance of early engagement, and adaptive learning pedagogy.

  • Dr. Roger Wen, California State University, East Bay
  • Monica Munoz, California State University, East Bay
  • Cheryl Saelee, California State University, East Bay
  • Ayellee Adam, California State University, East Bay
  • Marguerite Hinrichs, California State University, East Bay
  • Moderator: Gregory Milton, Sonoma State University


Anyone Can Advocate for Accessible Learning Technology
Location: Michigan B

Tag: Best in Show – Central

You’re looking to purchase an educational technology solution. How can you ensure that you are making an accessible selection? How can you advocate for inclusion in design? In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to role-play with fictitious sales representatives for a variety of educational technology solutions.

  • Kristina Wilson, Northwestern University
  • Moderator: Steve VandenAvond, Northern Michigan University

Tell Your Story: Creating Data-Driven Narratives

Location: Erie

Tag: Best in Show – South

We’re all proud of the work we do and the impact we have…but are you telling that story? A proactive approach to data analysis and narratives supports your work and the needs of your stakeholders. In this session, we’ll discuss identifying KPIs, data visualization, and communicating complex concepts to stakeholders.

  • Patrick Flanigan, Western Kentucky University
  • Julie Uranis, UPCEA
  • Moderator: Liz Fillman, Virginia Commonwealth University 

2:45 PM-3:15 PM
Networking Break with Exhibitors
Location: Riverwalk AB

3:30 PM-4:30 PM              Concurrent Session II


Program Key

Building and Implementing Your Global Engagement Stragegy
Location: Ohio

Over the past two years, we identified well-defined strengths of our school to build a global engagement strategy that included global degree programs; short-term and online courses; global access; and wrap-around student services. This session presents the challenges, accomplishments, setbacks, and disappointments we have experienced in going global.

  • Walter Rankin, Georgetown University
  • Jeremy Stanton, Georgetown University
  • Kelly Otter, Georgetown University
  • Moderator: Soma Chakrabarti, University of Delaware

Diversity in Your Strategy: Why it Matters
Location: Erie

Tag: Best in Show - New England

A discussion of diversity makes people feel uncomfortable. On the national scene, our politics and protests over shootings of young black men have certainly intensified and often polarized the discussion. We have not yet become a post-racial society. Census and polltakers remind us that we are increasingly becoming a more diverse country. Over the next decade, more American cities will become majority-minority. Virtually every university and college has a diversity statement, but few have a diversity strategy. As educational leaders, issues of racial and cultural diversity need to be part of our academic, staffing and enrollment strategy. The world for which we are preparing our students demands nothing less. This talk will explore how to begin incorporating a diversity strategy into your unit’s overall strategy and why this is a particularly important issue for continuing education units to address. 

  • John LaBrie, Northeastern University
  • Moderator: Christine Dolan, University of Rhode Island

Weathering the Storms of Crisis
Location: Michigan B

What’s the crisis du jour at your institution? For professional, continuing, and online education? State funding cuts, racial unrest, Title IX investigation, faculty strike, sexual assault, academic fraud, academic integrity, and enrollment decline top the charts. Join us for facilitated and highly interactive discussions around thriving in the midst of crisis.

  • Kim Siegenthaler, University of Missouri
  • Stacy Snow, University of Missouri
  • Sandra Gladney, University of Oregon
  • Scott Howell, Brigham Young University
  • Wayne Smutz, University of California, Los Angeles  
  • Moderator: Kim Siegenthaler, University of Missouri


History and Context of Professional, Continuing, and Online Education, Part I: A History
Location: Superior AB

Tag: Emerging Leaders

For 102 years, UPCEA leaders and advocates have responded to social, cultural, and political issues through delivering education, providing access, and facilitating collaboration. This session will provide critical context to our field of professional, dontinuing, and online  education (PCO) and equip new professionals and emerging leaders with tools from history to address current and future issues.

  • Dawn Gaymer, Western Michigan University
  • Fred Beuttler, University of Chicago
  • Gayla Stoner, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Moderator: Jon Harbor, Purdue University

The Happiness Advantage in Higher Education
Location: Huron

Sometimes working in a university is tough. Sometimes there is stress. Sometimes teams get in a funk. This is why building a culture that taps into “the happiness advantage” matters.  Learn seven principles in Shawn Achor’s, “The Happiness Advantage” and how they can be applied to positively impact your culture.

  • Carol Fleming, James Madison University
  • Nicole Foerschler Horn, JMH Consulting
  • Moderator: Jon Matsuda, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Ready, S.E.T., Go!  Developing a Student Experience Team (S.E.T)
Location: Mississippi

This session will explore the structure and curriculum of the Student Experience Team at the University of Chicago's Graham School.  Session participants will engage in a visioning process to examine possibilities of creating and implementing a similar approach to enhancing the student experience at their institution.

  • Jarquetta Egeston, University of Chicago
  • Lisa Malvin, University of Chicago
  • Moderator: Heather Chakiris, University of California, Los Angeles

What Do We Do with Distance Education Research Findings? Developing New Instructional and Institutional Practices
Location: Missouri

Let’s talk about how to interpret research findings from several National Distance Education and Technological Advancement (DETA) Research Center-supported studies. In this session, we’ll determine what these findings mean for us and our institutions, turn these results into new or altered practices in our online programs, and diffuse these innovative practices across our institutions for students, instructors/faculty, support staff, and administrators.

  • Tanya Joosten, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Rachel Cusatis, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Moderator: Terrie Nagel, Univesity of Missouri, Columbia

Modeling the UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership
Location: Mayfair

Tag: Emerging Leaders

This session will focus on what the UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership look like across institutional organizational models. We will explore how institutions operationalize the Hallmarks, focusing on leadership aspects of creating a foundation in which an online program can thrive through alignment with institutional mission, vision, and branding.

  • Ray Schroeder, University of Illinios Springfield and UPCEA
  • Gayla Stoner, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Adam Fein, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Moderator: Vickie Cook, University of Illinois-Springfield

Millennials and the Future of Employment: Data, Analytics, and Demography
Location: Michigan A

In this deep dive, we will consider a nimble response to ever-changing 21st-century populations and workforce imperatives through an accelerated, adaptive, data driven, discovery-centric, synthesis-focused, and collaborative competency-based education makerspace environment.

  • Jim Fong, UPCEA
  • Anne-Marie Brinsmead, Ryerson University
  • Moderator: Kim McGaw, Rice University 

Aligning Federal Education Policies, Workforce Development Needs, and Adult Students: The National Adult Learner Coalition
Location: Ontario

Earlier this year, four organizations joined together to fill a vacuum in the higher education policy community which, until now, lacked a unified voice representing the adult learner and the institutions that serve them.  With support from Lumina Foundation, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Presidents’ Forum, and UPCEA formed the National Adult Learner Coalition. This session will focus on the Coalition's recent white paper with suggestions on federal policies that align post-secondary education and America’s workforce development goals. This session will briefly share goals, key policy challenges, institutional building blocks, and opportunities facing students and the institutions that serve them, and then engage the audience in a conversation about how to mobilize colleges and universities, employers, government, and other key constituencies to advance the adult learner agenda.

  • Jordan DiMaggio, UPCEA
  • Becky Klein-Collins, CAEL
  • Marie Cini, University of Maryland University College
  • Scott Weimer, Virginia Tech

5:00 PM-7:00 PM
Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall
Location: Riverwalk AB

Thursday, March 23, 2017

7:30 AM
Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
Location: Riverwalk AB

8:00 AM-9:00 AM             Concurrent Session III


Program Key


Cultural Factors That Affect The Way Students Participate in Classrooms: Effective Practices for Teaching in Multicultural Classrooms
Location: Huron

Today’s multicultural classrooms require that faculty possess competencies for teaching all students. However, many faculty members find themselves underprepared to teach in multicultural classrooms. This workshop examines the competencies that faculty need to teach in multicultural classrooms. Participants will take away a training model for faculty on intercultural communication and competency.

  • John Caron, Johns Hopkins University
  • Marissa Lombardi, Northeastern University
  • Moderator: Brian Cook, California State University, East Bay

What’s in a Name?  Starting with "Why?"
Location: Ohio

Tag: Best in Show - West

Are you considering a change in your continuing education or online unit name? Join Dr. Rovy Branon, vice provost for the recently renamed University of Washington Continuum College, for an engaging discussion on the importance of starting with “Why?” as you consider a new name.

  • Rovy Branon, University of Washington
  • Moderator: Jamelle Wilson, University of Richmond

Finding Our Place: Engaging and Developing Promising Continuing Education Leaders
Location: Missouri

Tag: Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders (mid-level professionals who aspire to more senior roles in professional, continuing, and online education) desire to build a positive reputation within their office, cultivate relationships on campus, and establish a presence in the field. They may face a myriad of challenges: a lack of mentorship or investment from senior leaders, isolation, and job dissatisfaction. In light of these challenges, how could their growth be facilitated? This interactive session will discuss those challenges, the role of senior leaders in developing leaders within their organizations, and ways the field can be more inclusive and supportive.

  • Tomika Ferguson, James Madison University
  • Alice Warren, North Carolina State University
  • Moderator: Jason Smith, Georgetown University

Institutional Representatives Forum: Breakout Option A

Location: Erie

One of three facilitated breakout sessions repeated throughout the conference to allow small groups of senior leaders to dive deeply into the opening panel discussion topics. Advanced RSVP encouraged.

  • Kelly Otter, Georgetown University
  • Sandi Pershing, University of Utah
  • Debbie Cavalier, Berklee College of Music
  • Moderator: Rich Novak, Rutgers University

High Touch Recruiting and Advising - When They Don't Come to You, You Go to Them
Location: Michigan A

We will focus on how the University of Denver University College uses proactive recruiting and solution-oriented advising to increase student yields and student success for our adult learners. We will discuss how this mode of engaging can serve as a catalyst to a student's development, and will ultimately retain more students quarter over quarter.   

  • Andrea Gross, University of Denver
  • Laura Froseth, University of Denver
  • Moderator: Sherry Quinn, Oakland University

Designing and Implementing High Impact Alternative Credential Programs: Badge Program Lessons from Leaders
Location: Ontario

Thinking about using digital badges with your programs for professionals? Concerned about how to ensure that your badges have real impact for learners and relevance for employers? Don't know where to start? Learn the key questions to consider and hear from leading university programs who are answering these questions and more in this hands-on alternative credential badge program workshop.

  • Andrea Miller, University of Utah
  • Moses Wolfenstein, University of Wisconsin
  • Peter Janzow, Pearson
  • Moderator: Carol Howard, Brandman University


Extended Education Fee For Service — A Defensible Model
Location: Mississippi

Extended Education divisions and colleges come under scrutiny and some skepticism when it comes to charging fees for services to campus partners. Come learn how California State University-Dominguez Hills College of Extended and International Education came up with a defensible model for tuition, fees and administrative costs associated with operating the self-supporting college. This session will encourage discussion among attendees on how they charge for services and what percentage is returned to the university.

  • Kim McNutt, California State University-Dominguez Hills
  • Moderator: Radhika Seshan, University of California, Los Angeles

Market Research 101:  A Primer for Integrating an External Voice in the PCO Culture
Location: Mayfair

One important component of our data-driven environment is market research and how it can influence new and existing program decisions, assist with market/marketing positioning, and accelerate campus decisions related to professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education. This fast-paced session is for the novice looking to understand how the market research process can work for PCO teams and will address basic tools and techniques, apply case studies, and offer ways to communicate results of market research.

  • Jim Fong, UPCEA
  • Moderator: Sarah Sharp-Aten, University of California, Riverside

Revenue Generation in Contract Training and Workforce Development
Location: Colorado

Modern employers are investing in workforce training, continuing education, and professional development like never before. Certification programs and badges are growing. What are you doing to address this need while increasing enrollment and profitability? We will discuss challenges, strategies, and examples to grow programs and start new ones.

  • Tim Gilrain, Drexel University
  • Meni Sarris, Jenzabar
  • Mike Schroder, California State University, San Marcos
  • Moderator: Andrew Billingsley, North Carolina State University

Growing Online Degree Programs: Bridging Expectation Gaps Between Faculty and Administrators
Location: Michigan B

The gap in expectations of online degree programs between faculty and administrators deters program growth. Participants in this session will explore the nature of this gap and how it might be overcome. We will also explore the possibility of a multi-institution research effort to develop a shared toolkit to bridge the expectations gap.

  • Michael Eddy, Purdue University
  • Robin Cunningham, Purdue University
  • Chris Hansen, Wiley Education Services
  • Moderator: Michele Gribbins, University of Illinois-Springfield

UPCEA Talks: Change Management

Location: Superior AB

Moderator: Nancy Coleman, Wellesley College
A curated series of three, short, idea-introducing presentations given by single presenters in quick succession during an hour-long concurrent session:

Leadership and Succession Planning in a Purpose-Driven Organization

The University of Southern Indiana's Division of Outreach and Engagement is comprised of many units. Hear how this diverse, wide-spanning division galvanized itself by creating an organizational purpose, "Unleashing Potential, Expanding Knowledge.”

  • Mark Bernhard, University of Southern Indiana

Seizing Leadership Opportunities: A Practical Framework for Implementing Change and Innovation

The Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University has just experienced the retirement of its dean after forty years of service. As the unit strategizes its next phase of growth, it is transforming its strategic mission to become an innovator of contemporary, market-driven, global offerings.

  • Lisa Braverman, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Success Planning: Leaving with Grace and Humor

Leaving a position isn't always a choice. However, preparing well for a smooth transition can be a conscious effort on the part of leaders at any time of their careers. This interactive session will cover skillful ways to "leave" even while "staying" as well as when actually departing a position.

  • Faye Lesht, Unviersity of Illinois at Urban-Champaign

9:15 AM-10:15 AM
General Session: Profiles in Leadership and Innovation
Location: Chicago Ballroom

  • Bea González, Syracuse University
  • Susan Koch, University of Illinois-Springfield
  • Sean Gallagher, Northeastern University

  • Awards presented during this session:
    • Julius M. Nolte Award for Extraordinary Leadership
    • UPCEA 11th Hour Award for Leadership in Times of Crisis: Susan Koch, University of Illinois- Springfield
    • Phillip E. Frandson Award for Literature Award

10:15 AM-10:45 AM
Networking Break with Exhibitors

Tech Tips: Social media and virtual/augmented reality tools

Come view quick, 10-minute demonstrations of some of the latest tools and technologies for higher education in the casual setting of the exhibit hall during Thursday’s networking breaks. Over coffee, connect with peers and discover ways to enrich your teaching as well as your own learning!


  • Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University
  • Michele Gribbins, University of Illinois, Springfield
  • Ryan Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Location: Exhibit Hall

10:45 AM-12:00 PM
UPCEA Network Meetings and Awards Presentations
Open to all attendees

Network Meetings and Award Presentations are gatherings of attendees who share a common practice—for example, student services, or online management, or international programming, for the purposes of networking, peer to peer learning, and the recognition of excellence. Acting as “affinity groups” within the larger organization, Networks each host a series of annual deliverables, varying from curating a track at the Annual Conference to supporting webinars, specialty seminars, and practice-specific awards. While the seven
UPCEA Networks are formal structures and membership in one or more is a benefit of UPCEA membership, Network Meetings hosted at the Annual Conference are open to all attendees and prior affiliation is not required. Some Networks will host a formal presentation during their Network Meeting, and most will also present one or more Network-affiliated Association Awards. All seven will offer multiple opportunities for informal learning and networking with other attendees, as well as information about how to get the most from UPCEA.

  • UPCEA International Network
    Location: Ontario
    The UPCEA International Leadership Award, the UPCEA International Program of Excellence Award, and the inaugural UPCEA Global Program Award for International Partners will be presented.

  • UPCEA Marketing, Enrollment Management and Student Services Network
    Location: Mayfair
    The UPCEA Excellence in Advancing Student Success Award, graciously underwritten by InsideTrack, will be presented.

  • UPCEA Online Leadership and Administration Network
    Location: Superior AB
    The UPCEA Strategic Innovation in Online Education Award will be presented.

  • UPCEA Program Innovation Network
    Location: Michigan B
    The UPCEA Award for Outstanding Program, credit and noncredit categories, will be presented.

  • UPCEA Outreach, Engagement & Economic Development Network
    Location: Michigan A
    The UPCEA Engagement Award will be presented.

12:15 PM-1:45 PM
General Session Lunch: Toward An Adult Learner Agenda: Policy, Influence, Strategy

Lunch sponsored by Blackboard.

1:45 PM-2:45 PM Concurrent Session IV


Program Key

Navigating the Higher Education Enrollment Landscape
Location: Mississippi

The higher education landscape is complex. In this session, we will explore current trends, benchmarking data, technology enhancements, media mix, and the overall strategic initiatives that are shaping the enrollment landscape. We will provide actionable information to guide your future enrollment management strategy.

  • Aaron Edwards, Keypath Education
  • Joshua McCarthy, Johnson & Wales University
  • Moderator: Rita Bunch, University of California, Davis 

Transactional Models of International Programming
Location: Ohio

International programming requires the additional complexity of identifying a model that will facilitate the transaction in terms of marketing, recruitment, and financial procedures. This session will explore the costs and benefits of three transactional models: external agent, internal expert, direct contract. The models will be explored from a programmatic perspective.

  • Terry Borg, Northern Illinois University
  • Pati Sievert, Northern Illinois University
  • Moderator: Bethany Craig, University of Illinois Chicago

Jobs of the Future
Location: Superior AB

Our economy is on the cusp of major transformation, as big data, energy, robotics, healthcare and financial systems are rapidly changing. As a result, our economy will create jobs we’ve never seen before.  The workforce, which has been built primarily off the bachelor’s degree or training programs, is starting to bend, but will it buckle?  This presentation will take a supply and demand approach featuring the MasterCard approach and outlook toward workforce readiness, preparedness and job creation; to EdX’s proactive response in bridging the needs of business and industry to higher education. 

  • Jim Fong, UPCEA
  • Johannes Heinlein, edX
  • Maureen Doran-Houlihan, MasterCard
  • Moderator: Ali Eskandarian, George Washington University

Balancing Work, Family, and a Terminal Degree: Completion Strategies for Professional Development Professionals (Or, UPCEA Members as Nontraditional Degree Seekers)
Location: Erie

Tag: Emerging Leaders

This interactive discussion will provide you with insights on how to balance the demands of a 40+ hour/week job, family/personal life, and the pursuit of a terminal degree. Whether contemplating the journey or already under way, this session will help you see it to completion and avoid becoming ABD.

  • Karen Bull, Syracuse University
  • James Campbell, University of Richmond
  • Kyle Harkness, University of the Pacific
  • Kelly Newell, Washington State University
  • Janice Sitzes, North Carolina State University
  • Julie Uranis, UPCEA
  • Moderator: Amy Claire Heitzman, UPCEA


Institutional Representatives Forum: Breakout Option B
Location: Mayfair

One of three facilitated breakout sessions repeated throughout the conference to allow small groups of senior leaders to dive deeply into the opening panel discussion topics. Advanced RSVP encouraged.

  • Mary Niemiec, University of Nebraska
  • Tom Gibbons, Northwestern University
  • David Schejbal, University of Wisconsin-Extension
  • Moderator: Alice Warren, North Carolina State University


Preparing for the Higher Education Act Reauthorization: Effective Leadership During Change
Location: Missouri

During 2017, the Higher Education Act (HEA) reauthorization will likely be completed by the 115th Congress. Many other pieces of higher education will be talked about and debated in congress. This session will discuss the most likely changes and their potential impact upon higher education. Learn about effective personal and institutional leadership strategies to navigate uncertain times and ways to maintain and develop an advocacy plan with limited resources.

  • Judee Richardson, University of Wisconsin Extension
  • Vince Sampson, Cooley LLP
  • Ken Solomon, Thompson Coburn, LLP
  • Moderator: Jordan DiMaggio, UPCEA

End the Madness of Complexity: Create an Actionable Strategic Enrollment Plan
Location: Huron

Countless strategic enrollment and marketing plans are born from a daunting and laborious process that, all too often, results in a document that sits on a shelf. This presentation will provide tangible approaches to developing a strategic plan with immediate takeaways that everyone attending can put into action immediately.

  • Kim Frisch, Regis University
  • Jeff Johnson, Primacy
  • Moderator: Chris Nicholson, University of Denver

Creating and Fostering a Regional Innovation and Talent Ecosystem: University Enagement for Capacity Building
Location: Michigan A

The University of Southern Indiana (USI) initiated a consortium called the I-69 Innovation Corridor centered on building capacity and establishing a higher education pipeline through collaboration in community and industry. USI piloted projects, programs, and services using a metric known as the Innovation Index to allow for measurement and replication.

  • Michael Thissen, University of Southern Indiana
  • Moderator: Patricia Malone, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Transitioning from Operations to Strategy: What the Aspiring Online Leader Needs to Know
Location: Colorado

Tag: Emerging Leaders

Are you in a new online leadership position, or do you aspire to transition from a support or operations role to a leadership position in your institution? Join in this conversation with online leaders who have recently made the transition as they share tips from their own experience.

  • Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University
  • Sarah Dysart, Loyola University Chicago
  • Cheryl Boncuore, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
  • Moderator: Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University

The MPS is the New MBA: An Integrative Model for Graduate Professional Curriculum Development
Location: Michigan B

This session focuses on the increasing value of the master of professional studies (MPS), and presents a method of program development that integrates research with matrices offered by Lumina Foundation and the Council of Graduate Schools. These approaches incorporate the study of demand with the identification of new competencies.

  • Kelly Otter, Georgetown University
  • Walter Rankin, Georgetown University
  • Sarah O’Connor, Georgetown University
  • Moderator: Lucy Maillette, Michigan State University

Defining a New Entrepreneurism for Professional & Continuing Education
Location: Ontario

Are you a risk taker?  Join our panel in this lively discussion on how intelligent risk, in the true entrepreneurial sense, can help strengthen and build your PCE unit.

  • Lynda Rogers, UCSC Extension, Silicon Valley
  • Nelson Baker, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • John LaBrie, Northeastern University Toronto
  • Moderator: Lee Maxey, MindMax

Innovation Roundtables: Sponsor Spotlight
Location: Riverwalk AB

Moderator: Kim Zaski, UPCEA

Institutional Innovation Roundtables are synchronous, table-based, small-group, guided discussions about a specific institutional case study or program innovation, presented by representatives from each of the Institutional Sponsors of the 2017 Annual Conference during one hour-long concurrent session. Roundtable presenters share their experiences and ideas and then promote the sharing of thoughts, solutions, and questions among their table’s attendees.

  • Social Media vs. Traditional Marketing: How Much of Each to Use
    North Carolina State University

  • Breaking Down Silos: Cross-Department Strategizing for Curriculum Innovation
    Northwestern University

  • Planning your Digital Education Strategy -- Engaging the Campus Community
    Purdue University

  • Is Your Institution Ready for Competency-based Education
    Utah State University

  • Innovation, Access, and Outreach: Partnerships for Success at Western Michigan University
    Western Michigan University

2:45 PM-3:15 PM
Networking Break with Exhibitors
Location: Riverwalk AB

Tech Tips: Mobile apps for student engagement and virtual/augmented reality tools
Location: Riverwalk AB

Come view quick, 10-minute demonstrations of some of the latest tools and technologies for higher education in the casual setting of the exhibit hall during Thursday’s networking breaks. Over coffee, connect with peers and discover ways to enrich your teaching as well as your own learning!


  • Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University
  • Michele Gribbins, University of Illinois, Springfield
  • Ryan Anderson, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Book Signing in the Exhibit Hall
Location: Riverwalk AB

Hosted by 2017 Phillip E. Frandson Award for Literature Award, Sean Gallagher, The Future of University Credentials: New Developments at the Intersection of Higher Education and Hiring

Location: Exhibit Hall

3:15 PM-4:15 PM
General Session: The Collaboration Imperative: Balancing Response, Resource, and Innovation

4:30 PM-5:30 PM              Concurrent Session V


Program Key


Framework for International Online Education: Criteria and Recommendations
Location: Ohio

Through panel and facilitated discussions, this session will establish the key criteria for developing a framework for international online education. It will address the importance of setting institutional goals and priorities, establishmening thorough policies and procedures, and building a technology infrastructure to address these issues.

  • Soma Chakrabarti, University of Delaware
  • Robert Wagner, Utah State University
  • Lauren Burns, Colorado State University-Global Campus
  • John Caron, Northeastern University
  • Moderator: Andrew Casiello, Old Dominion University

Debuting the UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence for Professional and Continuing Education
Location: Mayfair

Tag: Emerging Leaders

This session unveils, for the first time, the new UPCEA Hallmarks of Excellence in Professional and Continuing Education – a vision of the roles and responsibilities of our profession, developed by a nationwide task force of leaders in professional and continuing education. Its authors will be on hand to share their thoughts and perspectives. Given our evolving field and changing institutional realities, these Hallmarks provide a second-century perspective of what leaders, current and emerging, should identify as the key facets and aspirations of this increasingly critical component of American higher education.

  • Debbie Cavalier, Berklee College of Music
  • Tom Gibbons, Northwestern University
  • Hunt Lambert, Harvard University
  • Rich Novak, Rutgers University
  • Kelly Otter, Georgetown University
  • Sandi Pershing, University of Utah
  • Jim Shaeffer, Old Dominion University
  • Karen Sibley, Brown University
  • Moderator: Jay Halfond, Boston University


Shifting from Transactional to Transformational Leadership to Effect Positive Change in Professional, Continuing, and Online Education
Location: Mississippi

Tag: Emerging Leaders

This session examines the development of professional strategy and leadership by providing the methodology that prepares continuing, professional, online, and executive education divisions for today’s competitive marketplace. Shifting an organization from transactional leadership to transformational leadership produces the insights and continuous improvement required to build an organization’s health and revenues.

  • Eric Roe, University of Texas at Austin
  • Tom Marin, MarketCues, Inc.
  • Moderator: Lynda Rogers, University of California, Silicon Valley

The Future of University Credentials: New Developments at the Intersection of Higher Education and Hiring
Location: Colorado

Recipient of the UPCEA 2017 Philip E. Frandson Award for Literature

The Future of University Credentials offers a thorough and urgently needed overview of the burgeoning world of university degrees and credentials. At a time of heightened attention to how universities and colleges are preparing young people for the working world, questions about the meaning and value of university credentials have become especially prominent. Author Sean Gallagher guides us through this fast-changing terrain, providing much-needed context, details, and insights.

  • Sean Gallagher, Northeastern University
  • Moderator: Maureen MacDonald, University of Toronto

Institutional Representatives Forum: Breakout Option C

Location: Erie

One of three facilitated breakout sessions repeated throughout the conference to allow small groups of senior leaders to dive deeply into the opening panel discussion topics. Advanced RSVP encouraged.

  • Stacy Snow, University of Missouri
  • Vickie Cook, University of Illinois Springfield
  • John LaBrie, Northeastern University Toronto
  • Moderator: Rovy Branon, University of Washington

New Student Survey and Research Insights: Defining a Student Experience that Promotes Student Success
Location: Huron

Get a first look at brand new research and survey results of current and prospective students, ages 18-35. Blackboard, in partnership with UPCEA, will share how they learned what students want and expect from their learning experience, what keeps them motivated and engaged, and ultimately what they need to succeed. You’ll find out how Gen Z’s and Millennials’ needs differ, how expectations vary across demographics, degree types, and how some common conceptions about what students want and need may be off the mark. Join us and leave with actionable insights and supporting evidence for making highly effective adjustments to your current student experience, services and support models.   

  • Jim Fong, UPCEA
  • Christina Fleming, Blackboard
  • Moderator: Carolyn Jankowski, Stony Brook University

Optimizing Your Online Presence: Best Practices for Digital Marketing, Web, and Social Media
Location: Michigan B

In this session we will cover the core concepts of inbound marketing, social media management, and user-centered design for web and mobile. Participants will leave understanding how to create a strategic communications plan that maximizes engagement across channels, and how to apply best practices in UX/UI to increase conversions.

  • Tanya Ilse, Georgetown University
  • Moderator: Lauren Bruce, Purdue University

Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes: The Similarities and Differences of Success
Location: Ontario

Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLIs) span 50 states with 154,000+ engaged member/learners “50 and better.” Each is as unique as its host university. Yet key similarities bring success to their distinct academies. This session features three Illinois programs, their national association, and recent research on the 119 thriving outreach programs.

  • Steve Thaxton, Northwestern University
  • Christine Catanzarite, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Kirsty Montgomery, Northwestern University
  • Michelle Riggio, Bradley University
  • Moderator: Steve Thaxton, Northwestern University

Performance Improvement Excellence ("PIE") Talk: Faculty Matters
Location: Michigan A

Tag: Best in Show - Mid-Atlantic

We've recently reexamined our faculty role with a focus on performance improvement excellence in order to better serve faculty — from hiring, to training, to teaching, to promotions. We will share a “talk show” style presentation highlighting the research and planning that took place to develop an improved faculty experience.

  • Heather Welzant, University of Maryland University College
  • Allison Woods, University of Maryland University College
  • Brogan Hetrick, University of Maryland University College
  • Moderator: Kristine Rabberman, University of Pennsylvania

Experiential Learning Models: Helping Students Curate their Professional Identities Throughout Their Academic Journey
Location: Missouri

This workshop will guide participants through a spectrum of experiential programs offered at Northeastern University. Panelists will hone in on two of our most innovative programs: The Experiential Network (XN) and the International Field Study Experience (IFSE). Both programs partner with industry and align experiential opportunities to academic program outcomes.

  • Marissa Lombardi, Northeastern University
  • Charles Kilfoye, Northeastern University
  • Moderator: Dalia Hanna, Ryerson University

Research Roundtables
Location: Riverwalk AB

Moderator: Ing Phansavath, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Roundtables are table-based, small-group, guided discussions about a specific and timely topic, question, or issue facing professional, continuing, or online education. Roundtable presenters share their experiences and ideas and then promote the sharing of thoughts, solutions, and questions among table’s attendees. This session will host a series of synchronous conversations:

Improving Time Spent Studying: Achieving Academic Success with Pattern

In this Roundtable, we’ll tell a story about the average Purdue student, “Sue Dent”. Sue was successful in high school without having to exert a lot of effort. What will she do when she comes to Purdue?

  • Bethany Croton, Purdue University

The Next New Focus for Online Education Units

Distance education research units can bring in money and positively impact reputations, so why aren’t there more of them? Presenters from Oregon State University Ecampus will share how our research unit brought in over $1M, launched a podcast, and facilitated a national study all in its first year.  

  • Katie Linder, Oregon State University
  • Lisa Templeton, Oregon State University

Academic Achievement and Persistence in Online Self-Paced Courses

Research will be presented related to the achievement and persistence of students enrolled in online self-paced courses using 11,829 enrollment records from the University of Missouri. Course satisfaction, modality, academic level, gender, prior experience, enrollment time, active completion time, and persistence were studied. Model building using hierarchical linear modeling occurred, and modality decisions will also be discussed.

  • Terrie Nagel, University of Missouri

Daring to Disrupt: Emerging Competency-Based Education Models

Before implementing a sustainable Competency-Based Education (CBE) model, institutions need to determine an approach that fits their size and scalability, realize cost efficiencies, and understand enrollment considerations. Learn about different models featured in a new Lumina Foundation study and hear from institutions that have already implemented a CBE program.

  • Brendan Farley, Walden University

Preparing for Tomorrow's Workforce On-Time: The Power of Non-Credit Certificates

This Roundtable will open with an introduction of the University Extended Education’s program development model for non-credit certificates at California State University Fullerton. The meat of the discussion will focus on exploring different professional development models, identifying areas of challenges, and exploring opportunities to add innovative practices.

  • Melem Sharpe, California State University, Fullerton
  • Shelly Wang, California State University, Fullerton
  • Denelle Pankratz, California State University, Fullerton

UPCEA Talks: Strategic Planning

Location: Superior AB

Moderator: Mary Cohen, University of Chicago
A curated series of three, short, idea-introducing presentations given in quick succession during an hour-long concurrent session:

Collaborative Strategic Planning to Support Program Innovation

How can collaborative strategic planning help your team generate new ideas while remaining focused on your most important priorities? We’ll share tools and resources that allow managers to efficiently gather input from team members, create community, encourage ownership and accountability, and support ongoing innovation. 

  • Soo La Kim, Northwestern University
  • Peter Kaye, Northwestern University
  • Erica Bova, Northwestern University
  • Khusro Kidwai, Northwestern University

Inclusive Leadership in Organizational Realignment

Organizational realignment can cause leaders to feel as though they need to move either fast or slow. However, there is a middle ground that involves information gathering, setting a vision, and involving your internal leadership team in an iterative process. Come learn about a path toward a more agile organization.

  • Melissa Lubin, James Madison University
  • Carol Fleming, James Madison University
  • Sarah MacDonald, James Madison University

Synergies in Program Development Within a University Office: A Case Study

We are the innovators of educational opportunities on campus. By taking advantage of the synergies provided by being within the same office, the Online Development and Marketing teams — in collaboration with curricular leadership — developed an excellent and unique degree program that satisfied a key university goal and opportunity.

  • Ilan Jacobshon, The New School
  • Sephora Markson Hartz, The New School

6:30 PM
Dinner Groups
Location: Meet in Hotel Lobby

 Friday, March 24, 2017

8:00 AM-9:00 AM
School Spirit Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

At this breakfast, we encourage you to wear something from your current institution (or your alma mater)! This is a great way to get to know other attendees and show your school spirit! If you prefer, feel free to represent your college or university by wearing school colors. Certain tables will also be designated for UPCEA’s five geographical Regions to give you the opportunity to meet with colleagues from neighboring institutions. Friday is a casual day.

Location: Exhibit Hall

8:30 AM-9:30 AM
UPCEA Regional Business Meetings
Open to all attendees

Regional Business Meetings leverage attendees’ geographical proximity by providing accessible annual events each fall which feature localized content and awards programs, as well as robust networking, which is particularly beneficial for those new to UCPEA and/or the field of professional, continuing, and online education. Regional composition is noted below and includes geographically contiguous Canadian provinces. While UPCEA Regions are formal structures designed to enhance the value of membership, Regional Business Meetings hosted at the Annual Conference are open to all attendees, offering opportunities for informal learning, networking with other attendees, as well as information about how to get the most from UPCEA.

  • Central Region
    CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OK, OH, SD, WI; MB, NU, SK
    Location: Ontario

  • Mid-Atlantic Region
    DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, WV; ON
    Location: Mayfair

  • New England Region
    CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT; NB, NL, NS, PE, QC
    Location: Superior AB

  • South Region
    AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, PR, SC, TN, TX, VA
    Location: Michigan B

  • West Region
    AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY; AB, BC, NT, YT
    Location: Michigan A

9:30 AM-10:00 AM
Networking Break with Exhibitors

  • Meet & Greet with 2017 UPCEA Association Award Recipients in the Exhibit Hall

Location: Exhibit Hall

10:00 AM-11:00 AM Concurrent Session VI


Program Key

Ensuring IT Software Project Failure: Why Organizations Don’t Do the Right Things Before the Project Begins
Location: Michigan A

Senior operations leaders from University of Washington’s Continuum College will present and facilitate a discussion surrounding the nuances of IT project management. The topics of political undercurrents, strong executive sponsorship, and disciplined change management will be at the forefront of the discussion.

  • Clark Westmoreland, University of Washington
  • Chris Powell, University of Washington
  • Moderator: Laurie Ward, University of Denver

Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Essential to Leading Institutional Internationalization Initiatives
Location: Mississippi

Presenters will discuss opportunity and strategy for engagement of professional and continuing education (PCE) units in internationalization initiatives. Specifically, a case study involving the integration of PCE and international program areas will be provided. The potential PCE units to lead campus internationalization efforts and credential global competencies will be discussed.

  • Kari Knutson Miller, California State University, Fullerton
  • Chris Swarat, California State University, Fullerton
  • Moderator: Robert Wagner, Utah State University

History and Context of Professional, Continuing, and Online Education, Part II: Context for Leadership
Location: Erie

Tag: Emerging Leaders

This session will examine common threads and best practices among institutions and units engaged in university professional and continuing education. The session will link historical learnings with current practices to provide an enlightened perspective and understanding of the field for new professionals and emerging leaders.

  • Dawn Gaymer, Western Michigan University
  • Julie Uranis, UPCEA
  • Moderator: Rich Novak, Rutgers University

Let the Data Do the Talking: Leveraging Real-Time Marketing Intelligence to Predict and Align Future Offerings
Location: Ontario

Harvard Extension School and StudyPortals will present data and case studies on: product offerings, structure, and audience segmentation of a growing extension school; global trends in supply versus demand for extension and professional programs; and using data and continuous measurement to fine-tune strategy and optimize execution.

  • Sephora Marskon Harts, The New School
  • Edwin van Rest, StudyPortals
  • Moderator: Nicole De Vries, Georgia Institute of Technology

Advanced Management Program in Corporate Reputation
Location: Michigan B

Learn about the Universidad Externado De Colombia’s corporate reputation program for top business executives. Established in 2013, the program uses case studies to explore multiple facets of reputation management, including internal reputation, brand value, social responsibility, communication in times of crisis, innovation, corporate governance and trust-building, and reputational management tools and models.

  • Lolita Carrillo, Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • Maria Chaves, Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • Moderator: Lisa Verma, Louisiana State University

Moving Beyond Online Education - Quality Learning Experiences for All
Location: Huron

Are you ready to think beyond online learning? This presentation considers the internal capabilities and approaches to learning design that you need so that learners can benefit from high quality programs delivered in multiple formats. The University of Washington will share how its new Academic Excellence unit addresses these challenges.

  • Karen Dowdall-Sandford, University of Washington
  • Danielle Allsop, University of Washington
  • Peter Wallis, University of Washington
  • Mark Ellison-Taylor, University of Washington
  • Moderator: Albert Powell, Colorado State University

Transforming the Academy from Within: Benchmarking Institutional Success in Online Education
Location: Mayfair

Tag: Emerging Leaders

Following UPCEA’s landmark initiative on Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership, this session debuts a national survey – conducted by the Center for Research and Marketing Strategy – to assess progress in this emerging and critically important domain of higher education.  Join the study’s authors for the unveiling of their findings.

  • Jay Halfond, Boston University
  • Vickie Cook, University of Illinois-Springfield
  • Jim Fong, UPCEA
  • Moderator: Bob Hansen, UPCEA

Assessing Student Learning: Strategies for Success
Location: Ohio

Leaders in higher education know the importance of assessing student learning, but often face barriers as to how to measure learning in an effective and sustainable manner. This session will lay the foundation of building dynamic online courses and leveraging cutting edge technology to support the mastery of measurable learning outcomes. A discussion of two different model implementations and post-model efficacy analyses will be outlined as a means of discussing best practices in assessing data to make a positive impact on student learning. Participants will engage in an interactive data input and output analysis as well as group discussion.

  • JW Warner, Georgetown University
  • Tiffany Masson, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Alisha DeWalt, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Moderator: Nancy Corgel, Syracuse University

Workforce-Aligned, Competency-Based Degrees; Driving Value for Working Professionals
Location: Missouri

Employers are increasingly relying on higher education to address huge skills gaps by delivering a highly-skilled, job-ready workforce with deep knowledge in functional areas able to apply expertise across topics. BC’s online, competency-based, workforce-aligned Master of Healthcare Administration degree is meeting this need. Hear college, employer and student/employee perspectives on this win-win-win model.

  • Carol Vallone, Meteor Learning
  • Fr. James Burns, Boston College
  • Rich Guarino, Lahey Clinic Hospital
  • Moderator: Ursula Bechert, University of Pennsylvania

UPCEA Talks: Data Analytics and Data Management
Location: Superior AB

Moderator: Robert Bruce, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
A curated series of three, short, idea-introducing presentations given in quick succession during an hour-long concurrent session:

Data-Driven Business Intelligence in Professional, Continuing, and Online Education

Administrators need to make numerous crucial decisions each day, but without the right business intelligence you’re left guessing. This session will discuss how to collect data and use interactive visualizations for maximum transparency and insights. This session will help you take control of your data and how you use it!

  • Chad Rowe, Destiny Solutions
  • Nicole M. Westrick, Temple University

In Pursuit of Excellence: Beyond Peer Data

Learn how CSU-Global manages beyond peer outcomes in academic programs, student and financial operations, enrollment and retention, and stakeholder engagement. In this session, CSU-Global leadership will share its data-driven frameworks and philosophies that have driven innovation to provide results that exceed national norms.

  • Lauren Burns Colorado State University-Global Campus

Academic Plan: Insights for Optimizing Design of Key Performance Indicators

Through this interactive workshop, we will share tactical approaches in designing Key Performance Indicators for strategic reporting, an evolving area in institutional accountability and competitiveness. The session will facilitate rich discussion and reflection, and equip participants with better understanding of practices in deriving comprehensive performance indicators for tracking progress.

  • Dijana Praskac, Ryerson University
  • Jean de Sousa-Hitzler, Ryerson Unviersity

11:15 AM-12:15 PM
Closing General Session: Building Innovation and Iteration into Our Educational Policies and Practices

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