For Speakers/Moderators


Speaker Check-in
Please check-in for the Annual Conference at the Speaker Table in the Chicago Ballroom Promenade (adjacent to the Event Registration Table on the ballroom level) which will open each morning at 8:00 a.m. There you’ll receive your speaker badges, printed event program, and other pertinent information for your session. 

Presentation Slides
If you plan to utilize slides, please use the UPCEA powerpoint template, as it has the appropriate scale of 16:9, which will correspond to the screens installed in each space.  (If you have already constructed slides using a 4:3 ratio, you may convert your slides by:  via the top menu bar, select “Design” ® “Slide Size” and then select “16:9”).  Slides will be uploaded to your session room laptop and the conference mobile app.

Note:  If you will not utilize slides, please email Phillip Arcaini at and we’ll instead have a welcome slide in the room noting presenter/moderator names and session title.

  • Slides are due by March 15, 2017 in order to guarantee they will be available to attendees prior to the conference.  Please upload your slides to our Annual Conference Google Drive folder.
  • Naming convention:  "[Session Title] - [Last Names of Presenters]"
  • Please bring a back-up copy of your presentation with you on a flash drive, especially if you did not meet the deadline or made last-minute changes.                

After the conference, slide presentations will be posted to the Open Forum library in CORe.

Audio-Visual Equipment
Each concurrent session room will include:

  • In-room laptop (see slide submission notes below)
  • LCD projector and screen
  • A podium microphone (larger rooms to include additional microphones)

Note:  Although Wi-Fi will be available throughout the conference, we suggest that you not rely on it for your session and download any online content essential to your presentation in advance. 

Speakers are welcome to bring printed copies or handouts as desired. For planning purposes, concurrent sessions may have up to 100 attendees present.  Please note that UPCEA does not reimburse for printed copies.  We are happy to post these to the mobile app if you provide them to us in advance, as well as to CORe after the conference. 

Annual Conference App
Be sure to download the event app, once available, to connect with attendees and exhibitors, to have the most up to date schedule and alerts, to give feedback about sessions you attend, and to view presentation materials.  Please keep an eye out for more information on the mobile app as we get closer to the conference.

Speakers are invited to share news of their upcoming presentations on Twitter or to connect with Annual Conference attendees on-site via the event app with the event hashtag:  #UPCEA102.


Moderators play an important role in the conference, as they support concurrent sessions by introducing presenters, facilitating discussion as needed, keeping an eye on time for the presenters, and encouraging attendee feedback via the conference mobile app.

  • In advance:      
    • Connect with presenters to gain bios and to learn more about the session
    • Remind presenters to bring slides on flash drive (see slide submission notes below)
  • On-site:
    • Introduce session presenters
    • Facilitate discussion as needed
    • Invite attendee feedback via conference app
    • Remind OP presenters to use microphones to ensure quality sound
    • Keep an eye on time for the presenters
    • At the end, invite attendees to continue the conversation on CORe!


Please email with questions.

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