Community and Economic Engagement Track

Continuing, professional, and online education leaders are ideally positioned to recognize and address the shifting needs of contemporary learners across the education spectrum. Similarly, the Community and Economic Engagement track will focus on both institutional-community engagement as well as university-partner entrepreneurism. As such, proposals for this track will highlight how UPCEA members identify new ways to open pathways between the campus and diverse communities, explore and nurture new and existing markets (e.g. geographic, demographic, skill sets), develop regional workforces, increase the impact of higher education among adult learners, and provide the skill sets and knowledge demanded by today’s employers. Proposals which add value such as tangible take-aways and practical step-by-step guides to create and implement new ideas are highly encouraged.

Presentations involving multiple organizations and international partners, as well as content which may be scaled or optimized by attendees from a wide range of institutions and credit-bearing scenarios (credit, noncredit, alternative credential, etc.) are strongly encouraged.

Proposals for this track may include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Strengthening equity and access through continuing education, perhaps addressing policy issues
  • Creating effective partnerships with business, institutional, and community organizations
  • Recognizing and leveraging future trends
  • Assessing workforce needs and filling the skills gap at local, state, and federal levels
  • Defining, measuring, and demonstrating the success of the contemporary learner
  • Case studies in financial/operations areas of outreach, engagement, and/or economic development

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