Program Planning and Implementation Track

Creativity, open mindedness, and willingness to think outside the box are attributes for which professional, continuing, and online education are widely recognized. Simultaneously, there exists a growing need for entrepreneurial ideas to serve our world’s changing demographics and workforce demands. There is an appetite and a need for innovation in program development for an increasingly diverse population of learners in professional, continuing, and online education. The Program Planning and Implementation track seeks presentations which reflect the creative thought and practice that have created positive change not just within professional, continuing, and online units, but also within the larger campus and the community. 

Sessions should not only share these ideas, but also present them in equally innovative ways. Presentations should be engaging, practical and equip attendees with the ability to look at their current challenges and begin to find new solutions. Be creative with the design of your session!

Presentations involving multiple organizations and international partners, as well as content which may be scaled or optimized by attendees from a wide range of institutions and credit-bearing scenarios (credit, noncredit, alternative credential, etc.) are strongly encouraged.

Proposals for this track may include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Program innovation in professional, continuing, or online education
  • Efforts to successfully expand access
  • Innovative noncredit programming
  • New approaches to credentialing
  • Program management, administration, and leadership, particularly examples of financial and/or operational successes
  • Program development, from idea to execution, specifically with an eye toward policy
  • Inter-institutional and international partnerships and collaborations
  • Organizational structure and influence on programmatic design, efficacy
  • Program assessment and success metrics

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