Business and Operations Track

While universities are increasingly relying on professional, continuing, and online units to lead innovation, the business and operations teams are often behind the scenes ensuring that the people, finances, budget, technology, and facilities support these students.  To support these efforts, the Business and Operations Network seeks proposals that show the impact of business and operations. Proposals for this track should include best practices, innovative solutions, and alternative approaches for business and operations. As we have a wide range of institutions, proposals can address solutions for credit, non-credit, and online units. 

Presentations involving multiple organizations, partners or specific solutions should be generalizable and the content must be scaled or optimized to be relevant for attendees from a wide range of institutions and credit-bearing scenarios (credit, noncredit, alternative credential, etc.) are strongly encouraged. While proposals can highlight a particular solution, the information should be generalizable to a wide-range of institutions with a strong focus on the financial, human, operational, and information technology resources required to support units that are entrepreneurial in nature.

Proposals for this track may include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Budget and finance, including strategic or sustainable business models, revenue sharing approaches and strategies, and managing contracts
  • Human resources, including approaches to unit organization with a focus on possible structures and roles and responsibilities
  • Information technology (IT), including data systems management (infrastructure, integration, analysis and overall IT planning), selection and management of systems such as CRM or registration, and approaches to IT governance and collaboration with central IT units
  • Business process and analysis including evaluating, assessing, and mapping processes, approaches to project management or process redesign
  • Reporting best practices to enable information sharing on profit/loss at a granular (program/activity) level
  • Case studies showcasing innovative approaches, creative solutions, or leadership in finance, human resources, operations, and IT/technology required to support entrepreneurial units

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