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Jobs of the Future and the Emergence of Alternative Credentials

Jim FongJim Fong, UPCEA

Jim Fong has more than twenty years’ experience as a marketer and researcher in the higher education community. Prior to joining UPCEA’s Center for Research and Marketing Strategy, Jim worked as a higher education strategic marketing consultant and researcher for two firms and prior to that was the Director of Marketing, Research and Planning for Penn State Outreach where he played a major role in program development research and marketing department transformation. While at Penn State, he was responsible for managing teams of marketing planners, competitive analysts, market researchers and enrollment management staff.

Over the years, Jim has taught graduate and undergraduate marketing and research classes for Drexel University, Penn State University, Duquesne University, Framingham State University and The University of Vermont.

Prior to his career in higher education, Jim worked as director of research for a large advertising and marketing agency in New England and director of analytics for what was the nineteenth largest global research company at the time.  He has authored a number of publications on the marketing of online education, new program development and the organization of marketing departments.

Jim holds an M.B.A., an M.S. in Applied Statistics and a B.S. in Mathematics, all from The University of Vermont.

Major Shifts in the Educational Landscape Call for Big Ideas: Experiences from the UT SystemMarni Stein

Dr. Marni Baker Stein, Chief Innovation Officer, University of Texas System Institute for Transformational Learning, The University of Texas System

Dr. Stein is an authority on next generation program and curricular development, delivery, and assessment; student lifecycle management; and student-centered, outcomes-focused instructional design.  Frequently invited to speak on technology-enhanced curricular and pedagogical innovation, Dr. Stein is an accomplished educational researcher.  Her scholarship focuses on social and knowledge networking behaviors in online courses and the impact of design, instructional strategies, and platform technology upon student engagement in e-learning.  Dr. Stein has a PhD in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum from the University of Pennsylvania.


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