Program - 2016 UPCEA South Region Conference

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

7-9pm            Newcomers Meet and Greet

Thursday, October 13, 2016

7:30 a.m. -5 pm            Registration Open

8-11am                       Emerging Leaders Pre-Conference Program

12-1pm                      Welcome Lunch
[Magnolia III & IV]

1-2pm                        General Session: Major Shifts in the Educational Landscape Call for Big Ideas: Experiences from the UT System
[Magnolia III & IV]

Dr. Marni Baker Stein, Chief Innovation Officer, University of Texas System Institute for Transformational Learning, The University of Texas System

2-2:30pm                   Break/Exhibitor visits
[Magnolia I]

2:30-3:30pm             Concurrent Sessions I

Identity Crisis: A Branding Success Story

Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services
Participants will learn how branding can increase awareness, generate revenue, and unify a team.

  • Davia Lassiter, Kennesaw State University
  • Rob Smith, Kennesaw State University
  • Michelle Girage, Kennesaw State University

Balancing Work, Family, and a Terminal Degree: Completion Strategies for Professional Development Professionals

Leadership and Strategy
[University Park]
This interactive discussion will provide you with insights on how to balance the demands of a 40+ hour/week job, family/personal life, and the pursuit of a terminal degree. Whether contemplating the journey or already under way, this session will help see it to completion and avoid becoming ABD.

  • Amy Heitzman, UPCEA
  • Janice Sitzes, North Carolina State University
  • Julie Uranis, Western Kentucky University

Finding Our Place: Engaging and Developing Promising Continuing Education Leaders

Leadership and Strategy/Emerging Leaders Session
Promising continuing education leaders who are Millennials or new to the field may face challenges as they transition to their organization. This interactive session will discuss those challenges, the role of senior leaders in developing leaders within their organizations, and ways the field can be more inclusive and supportive

  • Tomika Ferguson, James Madison University

3:45-4:45pm             Concurrent Sessions II

We Did It: Utilizing Student Testimonials to Market Your Programs
Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services
Participants will learn about the importance of content marketing and testimonials through examples of ROI based on customer/student opinion.

  • Davia Lassiter, Kennesaw State University


One University, One Voice: The Power of Integrated Marketing
Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services
Brand strategy can help your institution be more consistent and recognizable. However, branding alone isn't enough to break through the noise and ensure all of your brands are cohesive and collaborative. Learn how integrated marketing can create relevancy among all of your audiences, delivering more personalized and productive outreach.

  • Jay Goin, Abilene Christian University
  • Seth Odell, Helix Education


Using “Why” to build a better “What”: A Human Centered Approach to Working and Reporting
Leadership and Strategy/Emerging Leaders Session
[University Park]
How much time is spent meeting the wrong needs, or building something that never gets used? What happened when I flipped a switch and changed my approach to handling request? A blend of concepts from Simon Sinek and human-centered design principles, experience this win-win method applicable in any position.

  • Nicole de Vries, Georgia Institute of Technology

5-6pm                        Reception – Sponsored by SMU CAPE and ETC

Gather in the hotel lobby for bus transportation to campus. First bus leaves the hotel at 4:55 p.m., second bus at 5:15 p.m. Return bus service begins at 6 p.m., with additional departures from the Meadows Museum at 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Friday, October 14, 2016

7:45 a.m. -5:45 p.m.     Registration Open

7:00 a.m - 8:00 a.m.    Morning Networking with your South Colleagues
[Magnolia III & IV]

8:15-9:15am              General Session: Jobs of the Future and the Emergence of Alternative Credentials
[Magnolia III & IV]

Jim Fong, Director, Center for Research and Marketing Strategy, UPCEA
A review of labor and other secondary data, including trend reports, employer surveys and futurist blogs, reveals major changes to job classifications and the identification of emerging professions. These changes span many industries ranging from healthcare to information technology to agriculture--among others.  Some of these evolving professions may not require a traditional degree, while others may benefit from degree holders enhancing their education through an alternative credential. And while the degree remains the standard of higher education, colleges and universities need to make informed decisions regarding the role of alternative credentials in workforce education. This presentation and dialogue will identify these jobs of the future and the intersection of credentials needed for success.

9:30-10:30am            Concurrent Sessions III

Building Successful Programs Through Internal Customers

Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services
[University Park]
As educators, we are reluctant to engage the word “customer”. This session will challenge participants to improve their programs through serving all types of customers, including Internal Customers – those coworkers and colleagues who may not be our end users, but who may depend upon or benefit from your services.

  • Kathleen Gibson, James Madison University
  • Eric McGee, ProctorFree

Operate Your CE Unit Like a Business to Stay in Business

Leadership and Strategy
Are you managing your unit like a business? Join our experts in higher education and corporate learning as they discuss how they have addressed challenges around innovation, leadership and budget, and share ideas for how you can achieve more by running your unit in a more business-focused way.

  • Chip Futrell, North Carolina State University
  • Lee Maxey, MindMax

Leadership Lessons from Literature

Leadership and Strategy/Emerging Leaders Session
New leadership books are released each year. But who has time to read them all or determine which can be applied in our industry? In this session, our presenters will share thoughts and techniques from recent literature that have influenced their leadership approach and their organizations.

  • Sarah MacDonald, James Madison University
  • Jon Horn, JMH Consulting

10:30-11am               Break/Exhibitor Visits

11am-noon               Concurrent Sessions IV

Tell Your Story: Creating Data-driven Narratives
Leadership and Strategy
We’re all proud of the work we do and the impact we have…but are you telling that story? A proactive approach to data analysis and narratives supports your work and the needs of your stakeholders. In this session, we’ll discuss identifying KPIs, data visualization, and communicating complex concepts to stakeholders.

  • Patrick Flanigan, Western Kentucky University
  • Julie Uranis, Western Kentucky University

Thinking Bigger? It takes a Community…

Online Leadership and Administration/Emerging Leaders Session
[University Park]
By applying the framework of the Community of Inquiry Model (CoI), determine how the social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence contributes to the success of online education at your institution. This presentation will identify and discuss the three principle elements that are essential in developing successful online degree programs.

  • Jennifer Humber, The University of Alabama
  • Brandi Stacey, The University of Alabama

A Bigger and Better Way to Communicate With Prospective Students

Program Innovation
By utilizing Talisma, a customer relationship management system, prospective students who have inquired about a specific Bama By Distance program are invited to attend a real-time Online Information Session. The presentation will demonstrate how Talisma has been implemented to help “work smarter, not harder”.

  • Megan Welborn, The University of Alabama
  • Michael Nix, The University of Alabama

12:15-1:45pm           Lunch
[Magnolia III & IV]

Update from Alice Warren, President of UPCEA and Past Chair of South
Awards Recognitions

2-3pm                        Concurrent Sessions V

Persistence and Retention of Adult Students: A View from a Small Liberal Arts Institution
Small and Specialized Institutions
This presentation provides an example of how one small school measures persistence and retention for their adult undergraduate students that provides not just percentages for comparison, but analysis of different "classes" of students. The measurements have been used to help adjust admission policies and advising processes.

  • Emily Richardson, Queens University of Charlotte

The Happiness Advantage in Higher Ed

Leadership and Strategy/Emerging Leaders Session
[University Park]
Sometimes working in a university is tough and stressful. Building a culture that taps into “the happiness advantage” matters and helps. We’ll look at 7 Principles explored in the book, “The Happiness Advantage” and how they can be applied in a university setting to enhance and create a positive culture.

  • Carol Fleming, James Madison University
  • Nicole Foerschler Horn, JMH Consulting         

Customized Corporate Education – How to build long term relationships with clients

Outreach, Engagement, and Economic Development
Whether or not you have delivered customized or on-site education, this session will provide tools and techniques that you can start using today. There are departments on every campus that are fielding phone calls and request for the delivery of Customized Contractual Education.

  • Andrew Billingsley Sr., North Carolina State University

3-3:15pm                   Break/Exhibitor visits
[Magnolia I]

3:15-4:15pm             General Session: Roundtable Discussions moderated by Alice Warren
[Magnolia III & IV]

Join your colleagues in a lively discussion about a topic drawn from our conference presentations and network themes.

4:30-5:30pm             Concurrent Sessions VI

Administrative Intervention: Promoting Completion and Retention in For-credit, Self-paced Online Courses
Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services
As non-traditional learners continue to redefine the face of higher education, it becomes increasingly important to provide alternative instruction methods which acknowledge unique student needs. This interactive session will exam the various support efforts which have proved to be supplemental in the promotion of student success among for-credit, self-paced online courses offered at Western Kentucky University.

  • Catie Yates, Western Kentucky University
  • Tanya Vincent, Western Kentucky University

Lessons from a For-Profit

Leadership and Strategy
[University Park]
Based on the presenter’s popular series (, this highly-interactive workshop will investigate a series of strategies that are used by for-profit schools to address the needs of adult learners. Strategic planning, Nimbility™, marketing, recruiting, and other strategies will be addressed in this session that will result in an action plan for each participant.

  • Terry Rawls, Appalachian State University

5:45-6:45pm             Reception
[Hotel Lounge]
Hosted by North Carolina State University, University of Alabama, Western Kentucky University, and Virginia Commonwealth University

Saturday, October 15, 2016

7 am -12 pm            Registration Open

8:00-8:45am              Emerging Leaders Capstone
[Magnolia III & IV]

9:00-10:00am              Breakfast Networking & Discussions
[Magnolia III & IV]

10:15-11:00am            South Business meeting (open to all attendees)/Conference Wrap Up
[Magnolia III & IV]


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