Call for Nominations for the
2017 New England Regional Awards!

Recognize your colleagues and students for their amazing work and achievements by nominating them for an award at the 2017 UPCEA New England Region Conference, Navigating Pathways for Student Success. Seven awards are available and the winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony at the conference in Portland, Maine.
Make your nomination today!  

  1. Consider the awards and criteria below
  2. Any member organization or professional member of UPCEA is eligible to make a nomination for the award categories
  3. Complete the online Award Nomination Form
  4. Provide a brief statement (not more than 500 words) demonstrating how the nominee meets the award criteria
  5. Submit two letters of support from colleagues and/or students
  6. Enhance the nomination with one supporting document such as:
    1. Resume of the nominee
    2. Publication or other material

Nominations are due by July 31, 2017.

If you have questions, contact Adrienne Franciosi, Award Chair at or 617-243-2214.

Awards and Criteria

Outstanding Student Award

This award honors an undergraduate student enrolled in a program offered through a division of continuing education who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and an unusual will to learn—not only to enhance his/her own career but also to add to their own quality of life, and for that of the family and community.  The student should be 25 years of age or older and be within one year of graduation or completion of the program. Students will need to have achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.5, if enrolled in a degree program. 

NOTE: This is a pathway award category. The awardee for this category is automatically submitted by the NE region for the UPCEA National Award category.

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Exemplary Teaching Award

This award honors a continuing education faculty member for outstanding teaching (credit or noncredit).  This award is for a faculty member whose passion for teaching and innovation in the classroom is widely recognized by their colleagues and students.  Further, the Exemplary Teaching Award recognizes outstanding teaching practices that inspire curiosity and a thirst for learning while pushing students toward success.

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NEW! Outstanding Continuing Education Support Specialist Award-Staff in a Support Role

This award honors a continuing education staff member for their exemplary professionalism, collegiality and service to students. 

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NEW! Leadership and Service Award 

This award recognizes a continuing education professional who has exhibited achievement in the profession and exemplary service to UPCEA. Nominees should have an established record of dedication and commitment to UPCEA New England. 

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Innovative and Creative Programming Awards (Credit and Non-Credit Programs) 

These awards honor the individuals and institutions demonstrating innovative and creative programming which contributes to the success of Continuing Education and/or community education programs.

Eligibility: Nominated programs must be original in a substantive way and have been a successful offering within the last two years. Awards will be given to both a credit and a non-credit program.

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Adelle F. Robertson Emerging Professional Continuing Educator Award 

Adelle Robertson served UPCEA with distinction and dedication, setting an example for those who would follow. She was then NUCEA’s (National University Continuing Education Association) president in 1983-84. Throughout her life, Adelle F. Robertson worked to find new ways to bring knowledge to working adults. During her tenure as the first woman dean of what was then called the University of Virginia’s Division of Continuing Education (1978-1986), she launched Summer on the Lawn, the Center for the Liberal Arts, and the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Progr0am, which used state-of-the-art satellite technology to deliver engineering classes to remote classrooms around the Commonwealth. She demonstrated exceptional commitment to student learning through advising, mentoring, etc., and made significant contributions to student learning and student success outcomes (graduation, job placement, etc.). This award recognizes professionals who demonstrate similar commitment and promise.

Eligibility: This award recognizes the scholarship, leadership, and contributions to the profession of a person who has entered the field in the past five to ten years. NOTE: This is a pathway award category. The awardee for this category is automatically submitted by the NE region for the UPCEA National Award category.

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Excellence in Engagement Award

This award recognizes an outstanding partnership of a member institution with one or more external constituents such as local communities, corporations, government organizations, or associations. The recognized partnership will demonstrate a mutually-beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources that resulted in a measurable and sustainable shared impact in areas such as economic development, community development, workforce training, or capacity building. 

Eligibility: UPCEA member institution/unit and partner organization(s).

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