2017 UPCEA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference


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Wednesday October 4, 2017


Check-in, Registration and Information Table Open (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)  


Breakfast for Pre-Conference Attendees (Outside Conf Rm BC)



Pre-Conference Workshop - Individual and Organizational Excellence in Higher Education (Separate registration required)
Conf Rm BC

Network: Leadership & Strategy

With three immediately actionable insights in mind, this interactive workshop will examine leadership behaviors within the context of higher and continuing education.  First, to identify and leverage personal leadership strengths, you'll complete and discuss the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. Second, to identify the unique strengths and challenges of your organization, you'll review Excellence in Higher Education — a model for organizational assessment and improvement. Finally, you'll identify opportunities to apply your personal leadership strengths to address the needs of your organization.

*Great for any and all emerging leaders

  • Ralph A. Gigliotti, Assistant Director for Leadership Programs of the Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, Rutgers  University

Newcomer’s Welcome and Orientation (Conf Rm A)



Welcome Luncheon (Brunswick Ballroom)

Welcome Remarks -Bob Hansen, CEO, UPCEA



Keynote Session -Building Inclusiveness Upon a Foundation of Diversity Panel
Brunswick Ballroom

This interactive keynote presentation will open with a description of Rutgers University’s strategies to build true inclusiveness based upon a strong foundation of diversity in people, educational approaches, and social organizations. The presentation will be followed by a moderated panel discussion that will provide opportunities for open conversation about the challenges encountered in doing the hard work of developing a truly inclusive, as well as a truly diverse, society.

  • Karen R. Stubaus, Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration, Rutgers University
  • Anu Gupta, Assistant Dean for International Academic Support, Rutgers University
  • Kamal Khan, Director,  Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS),  Rutgers University
  • Felicia McGinty, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Rutgers University

MODERATOR: Richard J. Novak, Rutgers University



General Session - Evolving Ecosystems and the Impact on the Economy, Education and the Regional Workforce
Brunswick Ballroom

Beginning with a snapshot of job trends both nationally and globally, this presentation will forecast evolving industries and sectors of growth as well as how these developments are fueling the demand for alternative credentials. Data sources will include nation-wide benchmarking and employer data as well as a special focus on regional workforce elements.

  • Jim Fong, Director, Center for Research and Strategy, UPCEA


Networking, Exhibitor Showcase, Refreshment Break (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)

4:00p-5:00p Concurrent Sessions  


Data-Driven Partnerships: Guiding Program Success Using Real-Time Analytics

Conf Rm A
Network:  Program Planning & Implementation

With the growth of programming taught by adjunct instructors and managed by educational partners, measuring program quality and student outcomes is a consistent challenge for CE units. In response, many universities are adopting new metrics to gauge program success. This session introduces real-time data analytics that enable educators to design targeted, early interventions to support both instructors and students. It also discusses metrics CE units may employ in evaluating and selecting educational partners.

  • Jim Morris, Associate VP, Rutgers University
  • Cyrus Homayounpour, Associate Dean for Marketing & Enrollment Management, The George Washington University School of Professional Studies
  • Dan Sommer, Founder/CEO, Trilogy Education Services

Building the Disability Personas: A University Collaboration to Revolutionize Inclusive Practices
Conf Rm I

Network: Marketing, Enrollment & Student Services

Join the Penn State Outreach and Online Education (OOE) Disability Persona Team in an engaging conversation about how we use personas to start the conversation on building an inclusive and empathetic learning environment. We use these personas to help others engage in conversations, challenge their perspectives, and show how a university collaboration can make a difference in training, practices, and procedures.  

  • Terry Watson, Assistant Director, Academic Advising and Student Disability Services, Penn State World Campus
  • Ritu Jayakar, UX Analyst, Outreach and Online Education
  • Anita Graham, Manager of Access, Penn State World Campus
  • Matt Farley, Accessibility Consultant, User Experience Team, Penn State University World Campus Learning Design

Establishing the Value of Community and Economic Engagement to Internal and External Audiences
Conf Rm BC

Network: Community & Economic Development

Not sure how to position the value of community and economic engagement in your institution? Discover what engagement means for different colleges and universities, identify common pain points around the use of this term, and explore emerging best practices for positioning engagement to internal and external audiences. Join our session for a lively discussion on the topic and be part of building a new actionable rubric in collaboration with your peers.

  • Ursula Bechert, Director of Graduate Programs, University of Pennsylvania
  • Lee Maxey, Chief Executive Officer, MindMax
5:00p-6:00p Networking Social at Hyatt Regency (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)


Dinner on your own (Possible Dinner groups sign-up available)  

Thursday, October 5, 2017

7:00 am Morning Walk (or run for the more ambitious) Meet in Hotel Lobby  


Check-In, Registration  and Information Table Open (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)


Breakfast (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)
8:00a–8:45a Regional Business and Institutional Reps Meeting (Brunswick Ballroom)


General Session Panel - The Universe of Alternative Credentials
Brunswick Ballroom

Business, industry, and changing demographics suggest the demand for traditional four year degrees will remain flat or decline, while alternative credentials will increase. Suppliers of alternative credentialing can come from a number of places, but will higher education keep pace? This presentation will showcase essential elements of the Alternative Credential landscape, including foundation support, advocacy for badging and micro-credentialing, institutional responses, and benchmarking data which defines the emerging trends in alternative credentials.

  • Rich Novak, Vice President of Continuing Studies, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey
  • Nora Lewis, Vice Dean, Professional and Liberal Education, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania
  • Wayne Smutz, Dean of Continuing Education and UCLA Extension, University of California Los Angeles, and President, UPCEA
  • Ken Lindblom, Dean of the School of Professional Development, Stony Brook University




Networking, Exhibitor Showcase, Refreshment Break (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)

10:30-11:30a Concurrent Sessions  


Retaining Online Students: A Snapshot of Current Practices in Higher Education
Conf Rm A
Network: Emerging Leaders

What are schools doing to improve retention of their online students? Hear about their successes and challenges in implementing strategies to improve and measure retention of online students. Over the past year, the UPCEA Emerging Leaders team performed a literature review and administered a survey on this very important question facing higher education institutions.  Join us to learn operational and strategic retention methods used by many different types of institutions.

  • Insiya Bream, Assistant Vice Provost, Registrar Strategic Operations, University of Maryland University College

  • John Haubrick, Manager of Instructional Design, World Campus, Penn State University

  • Tara Hixon, Market and Institutional Research Manager, University of Pennsylvania

  • Maggie Place, Assistant Dean, Widener University

  • Ana-Rita Mayol-Cabassa, Associate Director, Master of Chemical Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

  • Julia Ross, Admissions Counselor, Penn State University

MODERATOR: Dawn Coder, Director of Academic Advising  Student Disability Services, Penn State World Campus and Continuing Education

Public Private Community Partnerships - Identify Opportunities, Create Synergies, Enable Greatness
Conf Rm I

Network: Community & Economic Engagement

In 2014, a Prudential Foundation study revealed that Newark, NJ was ripe for change. That’s when Rutgers Business School (RBS) created the Public Private Partnership Program (PPCPP). This program focuses on building capacities through sustainable, strategic on/off campus partnerships. By monitoring school and university initiatives, we are able to foster collaborations, create synergies, and ensure an enabling environment for development. We bring the strengths of academics to partnerships for positive business and social impact.

  • Kevin Lyons, Director of Public Private Community Programs, Rutgers University Business School

MODERATOR: Margaret O’Donnell, Rutgers University

Turning Ideas into Reality - Developing Professional Development Programs with Purpose
Conf Rm BC
Network: Program Planning & Implementation

What are you passionate about? How might you incorporate this into your work? Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Turn a passion into an opportunity for others that encourages collaboration and innovation and that can inspire new ways of thinking, learning and doing. Connect with students, colleagues and business partners through programs that provide value for a new student audience and you!

  • Carolyn Jankowski, Assistant Dean, School of Professional Development, Stony Brook University

  • Susan Ryan, Assistant Professor, School of Professional Development, Stony Brook University




11:45a – 1:00p

Luncheon and Awards Ceremony with Student Recipient Comments (Brunswick Ballroom)



General Session - Managing Intercultural Interactions in a Challenging Global Higher Education Landscape
Brunswick Ballroom

The rapidly diversifying face of colleges and universities in the United States require that we are able to manage intercultural relationships from different backgrounds. We are all working in a multicultural institution, with students, faculty and staff from all over the world.  This makes for a very diverse, vibrant community – and at times, a rather confusing one.  This session will promote intercultural competence and heighten cross-cultural awareness.  You will engage in a presentation and discussion about culture, values, perceptions, and communication styles and cultural patterns of thought and behavior that will help you understand the basic concepts, theories and issues of intercultural communication related to intercultural relationships and how these concepts apply to your personal and professional lives.

  • Rudie Altamirano, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, University of Pennsylvania

MODERATOR: Kris Rabberman, University of Pennsylvania


2:15–3:15p Concurrent Sessions  

Using Marketing Data in Support of New Program Development
Conf Rm BC

Network: Program Planning & Implementation

In today’s environment, we use data more than ever to make strategic decisions. With so much data available to us, what information is most important and what does it tell us? In this session, we will review how you can conduct your own in-house market research project without spending additional funds. We will share the process used at the University of Pennsylvania to review and evaluate the potential for new degree programs.

  • Tomea Knight, Director of Marketing & Communications, College of Liberal & Professional Studies, University of Pennsylvania

  • Tara Hixon, Market & Institutional Research Manager, College of Liberal & Professional Studies, University of Pennsylvania


Networks & Partnerships: Barriers, Roadmaps and Strategies
Conf Rm I

Network: Community & Economic Development

This interactive session will use a case study to discuss a roadmap in the creation and implementation of successful interdisciplinary programs that address the needs of professional learners. The case study will include the perspectives of two different sectors (e.g. industry and academia) and how together they overcame the barriers to achieve success. Participants will work in groups in coming up with strategies addressing different aspects of barriers, strategies, and corrective measures.

  • Ana-Rita Mayol, Associate Director, University of Pennsylvania

Lessons from an Competency Based Extended Transcript Pilot

Conf Rm A

Network: Marketing, Enrollment & Student Services

Over the past year, UMUC has collaborated with IMS Global and Learning Objects to envision and create an extended, competency based transcript. Last fall and winter, with support from the AACRAO/NASPA Lumina Grant, UMUC piloted a version of a competency based transcript. This session explores that pilot. We will present the steps to implementation, lessons learned, and what is next on UMUC's roadmap for evidencing students learning and connecting to employers

  • Joellen Shendy, Associate Vice Provost & Registrar, University of Maryland University College

  • Insiya Bream, Assistant Vice Provost, Registrar - Strategic Operations, University of Maryland University College



Networking, Exhibitor Showcase, Refreshment Break (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)

Emerging Leaders Informational Meeting:

Dawn Coder, Nicole Westrick, Ana-Rita Mayol-Cabassa



Turning Notes into Action
Brunswick Ballroom

Tired of sitting and listening? Join this interactive and hands-on session! Spend time in a facilitated mind mapping activity to identify and synthesize common themes from the sessions you’ve attended, and develop plans to convert lessons learned into actionable steps when you return to the office.

Facilitated by Christina Sax, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Maryland University of Integrative Health



Rutgers Hosted Reception
Zimmerli Art Museum

The Zimmerli Art Museum is 4 city blocks, or approximately 4/10 mile from the hotel.  A shuttle bus will be provided, but we recommend the healthy walk.  Meet walk leaders at the hotel front doors @ 5PM with small groups departing every 5 minutes.  One special group will leave immediately following the last session to allow time for a walking history lesson and a brief detour to the most storied part of campus.  250 years of history summed up in a 15 minute walk!


6:00 pm

Dinner on your own

Friday October 6, 2017


Check-In, Registration and Information Table Open (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)



Breakfast Stations with Exhibitors (Brunswick Pre-Function Area)



General Session Panel: The Value of the UPCEA Emerging Leaders Program: Enhancing Leadership Skills; Expanding Professional Networks
Brunswick Ballroom

We’ve all heard about the importance of creating a strong professional network, and that you should build it before you need it. Easy to conceptualize and harder to implement. The UPCEA Emerging Leaders program is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with other continuing education professionals while gaining leadership skills and tackling a project which can benefit your institution. This panel presentation will include personal experience and insights from alumnae of the Emerging Leadership program, from the current and future facilitator and how it helped them to be more involved in UPCEA Examples of how they have continued to network will be provided.

  • Carolyn Callaghan, Shippensburg University
  • Dawn Coder, Penn State University
  • Maggie Place, Widener University
  • Nicole Westrick, Temple University
  • Ana-Rita Mayol-Cabassa, University of Pennsylvania

FACILITATOR: Mary Angela Baker, Salisbury University



Life-Hacking Apps to Improve Your Professional Life
Brunswick Ballroom

  • Julie Uranis, Vice President for Online and Strategic Initiatives, UPCEA



Conference Wrap-up and Adjourn and Social Media Contest Announcement - Must Be Present to Win
Brunswick Ballroom


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