Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program is an excellent opportunity for you to work collaboratively with peers from across the Mid-Atlantic region and explore the theory and practice of continuing and online education leadership. It is designed to prepare the next generation of the region’s leaders to step into roles within the region or even at the national level.

Past Emerging Leaders identified three major benefits.

1. Networking by:

  • building relationships
  • approaching a problem through different lenses
  • Knowledge transfer in different expertise
  • marketing your skills

2. Contributing to the long term future of the continuing education by working on a new project using new approaches and techniques

3. Personal growth by

  • building your skills set
  • gaining technical knowledge in other areas,
  • learning while having fun
  • improving communication skills

Past cohorts studied: 1) leadership; 2) student debt and institutional responses for credit and non-credit; and 3) retention in online programs. At the fall regional conference Emerging Leaders present their findings and useful takeaways.

During the 2017 Mid-Atlantic region conference, our 2016-17 emerging leaders will present their findings. Join us on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. to hear about their discoveries in a session titled “Retaining Online Students: A Snapshot of Current Practices in Higher Education”.  The session will look at what schools are doing to improve retention of their online students. Participants will hear about successes and challenges in implementing strategies to improve and measure retention of online students. Over the past year, the UPCEA Emerging Leaders team performed a literature review and administered a survey on this very important question facing higher education institutions.  Join them to learn operational and strategic retention methods used by many different types of institutions.

Friday morning graduates of the program will give a panel presentation on the value of developing and maintaining networks in a general session titled “The Value of the UPCEA Emerging Leaders Program: Enhancing Leadership Skills; Expanding Professional Networks."

For more information about joining the 2017-18 emerging leaders cohort you can attend a meeting on Thursday at 3:15pm.

Please contact either of the Emerging Leaders Program co-chairs, Nicole Westrick at tue86052@temple.edu or Ana-Rita Mayol-Cabassa at anamayol@sas.upenn.edu, if you are interested in joining the 2017-2018 Emerging Leaders cohort.

Link to Google docs: https://goo.gl/forms/XIiQRQj6bEo3IRTJ3

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