Welcome UPCEA Speakers

Thank you for being a speaker at the upcoming UPCEA Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar. This portion of the UPCEA website is devoted to you. Planning committee staff will post resources and information to this page for your reference. We look forward to working with you to make sure your session is a success.

The following are policies and guidelines designed to help you ensure a “stress-free” experience. In addition, the planning committee has put together a set of frequently asked questions about presenting at the seminar.

Your point-of-contact

Each speaker will receive a “welcome” email message in October which will provide a point-of-contact for the seminar. If you lost your point-of-contact information and need assistance, please contact Jason Smith (jason_smith@harvard.edu).

Key dates

  • November 2: Upload your final presentation (link provided via email)
  • Nov. 8 – 10: UPCEA Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar in West Palm Beach

Creating your presentation

  • Use PowerPoint or PDF for best results
  • UPCEA PowerPoint template. If you choose not to use the official template for presentations, please, at least, use the cover slide for your presentation. You will load your presentation (using a USB drive) onto a PC located in the room. You will not need your laptop.
  • Respect the time.  Sessions are 60 minutes for concurrent sessions. Please allow at least 25% of the session’s allotted time for questions from the audience/dialogue.
  • Planning to provide handouts? Each session can hold a max of 40 attendees.  Please plan to bring these with you to the session.  There will be printing facilities on-site for your convenience.

Sharing your presentation

As a service to our members, we will share your presentation with attendees via the event app. To ensure this is done in a timely manner, you must upload (link will be provided through email) your presentations no later than November 2. Following the event, presentations will be archived on CORe, UPCEA’s networking platform.

Presentation best practices

  • Understand your audience. UPCEA’s Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar is targeted at professionals within higher education who serve non-traditional students. The audience’s work experience ranges from new-to-the-higher-education industry or new-to-the-field of marketing and enrollment management, to possessing several years of experience in their fields. Prior to the seminar, you and your point-of-contact will work together to fine-tune your presentation description and title to help attendees make an informed decision to attend.
  • Consider scalability: Our members may be part of a large marketing team, or a one-person shop, each with commensurate budgets and resources. Consider how your information could be relevant to everyone.
  • Cite your sources: If you are including data, images, quotes, or links to outside sources, please cite your sources.
  • Get right to the content. Try to keep your intro short (no more than five minutes) and get right into the content your audience came to hear.
  • Please don’t read off of the slides. Your presentation slides are intended as an outline to your presentation, not as notes for what you say. Please go beyond the slides.

Sales policy

Absolutely no selling/promoting products or services before, during or after your session.  Attendees come to the session for professional development and not to hear a sales pitch. We consistently hear negative feedback about sessions that are perceived to be "product pitches." If you are interested in presenting a product or service, please contact Kim Zaski (kzaski@upcea.edu) for information about exhibiting and/or advertising opportunities.

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