Central Region Call for Proposal

UPCEA 2017 Central Region Conference, Oct. 18-20, 2017
Crown Plaza Riverfront Hotel, Detroit, Michigan

Are you interested in learning about new ways to help you increase your institution's reach, navigate the ever-changing higher education landscape, or network with colleagues to stay in front of new trends? Want to learn more about leadership while building your management and entrepreneurship skills? 

One of the best ways to learn more and demonstrate leadership, drive, and entrepreneurship is to attend and present your work at a conference.   YOU CAN DO IT!!  Let this be the year that you submit a proposal for a concurrent session.  Come to Detroit, the city that doesn’t quit, and share your recent research, best practices in marketing or online design, organizational transformations, program innovation, or data driven decision and analysis in higher education adult and continuing education learning.

The proposals process has closed. Thank you to all who submitted.

Presentations should focus on one or more of the following topics.  Those linked topics (see below) directly align with the UPCEA networks. Feel free to click the link to connect with the UPCEA website.  On your submission, please indicate the topic(s) that best relates to your presentation.

    • Building competencies and skills to successfully attract and retain students as demonstrated by fundamentals and new and emerging marketing, enrollment, and services practices that come from both inside and outside higher education.
    • New and innovative, internal, and external collaborations to help advance local and regional communities and economies and extend the reach of campus communities.  Presentations in this category represents examples of university outreach and engagement, inclusive community, economic, and workforce development and could include engagement program examples as early as pre K-12 continuing through post-workforce years.
    • Online operational models, best practice trends in online management, professional analysis of learning design applications, and the formulation of best practices in the use of technology and learning design in online instruction.
    • Best practices in program management, innovation, planning, implementation and assessment serving online; credit and non-credit; site-based on and off-campus; summer, winter and inter-session; travel; weekend college; international; K-12; lifelong learning; and others.  
    • Presentations in this category would highlight budget models, employment regulations, and IT infrastructure unique to PCO units and would involve tools and techniques for environmental analysis (both internal and external), identifying industry trends, analyzing the macro environment as well as international and political climates.
    • Insights, general direction, strategy, trends, and models for integrating international education into their work. It creates forums for the exchange of ideas, programs, services, and initiatives that expand member knowledge regarding global and international education.
  • Leadership
    • Groundbreaking models of successful leadership development, fostering a culture of innovation, creativity and curiosity, and strategic planning
  • Quality of Distance/Online Courses
    • Best practices including ways to verify or ensure that distance students are receiving the same quality education as on-campus students
  • Data Driven Decision Making/Data Analytics
    • How to do it and what data to use
  • Comparing Institutional Distance/Online Education Outcomes with Regional or National Data
    • Studies on academic achievement, persistence, retention rates, etc.


Deadline for submissions:  July 14, 2017
The proposal should reflect a 50-minute session. Session format can be:

  • Individual Presentation Session
  • Multi-Institution Panel Session
  • Interactive Workshop
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • Presentation with an External Service Provider



Submitting a proposal is easy. You will need to provide:

    • Presentation title           
    • 250-word description
    • Strategies you will use to engage your audience
    • Relevant UPCEA Network or topic focus
    • Name of the presenters (title and institution)

The proposals process has closed. Thank you to all who submitted.



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