Pre-Conference Open House: The Entrepreneurial Nuts & Bolts of Applied Leadership

What does it take to work in a profit center in the middle of a public institution? It takes a combination of planning and project management, business savvy, creativity, entrepreneurism, persuasion, persistence and above all, leadership.  The Central Region Planning Committee with support from the new Business and Operations Network, is pleased to provide this series of informative, practical, and hands-on workshops targeted for up and coming higher education leaders to use in developing new programming at their home institution.

Join us throughout the morning!

Who should attend?

Program Managers, Project Managers, Program Directors, Mid-level Administration, Coordinators

Registration is limited to 45 attendees.  Be sure to register early!

Pre-Conference registration is separate from full conference registration. To register for the full conference, click here.

The Central Region Pre-Conference Leadership Academy's costs are partially underwritten by the UPCEA Central Regional Council.


Attendees may attend all or some of the sessions available. The open house setting is designed to accommodate conference travelers and their varying schedules. Presentations will begin at the top of each hour for easier event planning.

8:00 AM                 Project Planning and Considerations
Presentation Team: Steve VandenAvond, Bob Eslinger, and Stephanie Zandroga-Langlois

  1. Developing a scope/stakeholders
  2. Needs analysis
    1. “Avoiding the my beautiful baby” Syndrome
    2. “Communicating your ideas”
  3. Legal and risk management/analysis
    1. Contracts, MOUs
  4. Comprehensive HR Strategies
    1. Strategic Hiring
    2. Policy and compliance

    9:30 AM                 Implementation Considerations

  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation

10:00 AM               Develop a Strategic Budget
Presentation Team: Michele St. Denis

  1. Portfolio model
    1. Academic
    2. Professional Development

11:00 AM               Lessons Learned When Projects Go Sour: An Academic Perspective
Presentation Team: Barbara Kopp Miller

  1. Academic Audience
  2. Professional Development


1. Identify strategies for working with difficult faculty and staff while implementing new projects
2. Discuss positive outcomes of “failed” projects
3. Describe strategies to avoid unintended consequences for implementing new projects


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